Month: December 2020

  • Relative Strenght Index Indicator (RSI)

    The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is among the most used forex trading technical indicator in technical analysis due to the precise signals that the indicator is able to generate thanks to its statistical nature. The calculation of the RSI is in fact based on the correlation between “positive” and “negative” days which results in an indicator with values between 0 and 100. The oversold area corresponds for levels below 30, while the overbought area corresponds to the area above 70. The neutrality area is around the value of 50.When the RSI is in the overbought area, or is about to enter it, it indicates a bullish price phase, vice versa when it is in an oversold area the indicator suggests a downward phase. A prolonged stay in the oversold or overbought values of the indicator generally indicates a possible trend reversal, especially if accompanied by graphic divergences, that is when …

  • Noise Pollution: In Construction

    It very clear that when it’s construction, the only way to go is up. Once there are visitors in the nation’s capital they always notice the amount of building work as well as the high-rise construction taking place, in both the business districts and along the banks of River Thames. It’s not a thing for London alone, however, the whole nation is experiencing a renaissance of commercial premises as well as residential development, and therefore giving look to the fiscal and visual landscape.

    The Importance of Construction to the Economy

    It’s evident that construction is valuable to the British economy, according to the Government figures; the Office for National Statistics data indicates that numbers reached an all-time high of 113,127 million euros by the end of 2018. This can be seen in the continued increase in the number of construction firms carrying out their activities in the country, with …

  • Mobile App Developments – The 6 Steps Lifecycle

    With all mobile apps available, there is one consistent trend that all must go through during the development stage. For example, if you do not know how to code, the whole process may feel like trying to unveil a black box.

    Therefore, if your goal is to build a mobile app for your small or medium-sized business, you must first learn what it takes to execute. Research shows that one in every five SMBs has built their own mobile app, and many have been launched since 2016.

    Therefore, what is the lifecycle of a mobile app? Below are the steps to build a relevant mobile app for a business.

    1. Market Research, Innovation, And Mobile App Development

    The chances are that you already have a few good ideas for a good mobile app. This is the best place to start. However, it is not wise to design or develop the …