Month: April 2021

  • Things to Know about Aerial Photography

    Everyone is now familiar with drones, those little flying devices that allow everyone to get breathtaking aerial images. If they are often used to immortalize the highlights of a special event like a wedding or a baptism, they can also be very advantageous and useful for companies.

    Aerial Footage: a New Vision of your Projects

    Aerial photography does not only optimize the performance of a project with different decision-makers. It makes it possible to integrate an undeniable notion of aestheticism into the branding of a project or a company. It is really a strategic initiative to stand out from the competition. The drone pilots of have hundreds of flight hours and several thousand photographs to their credit. Over the course of the projects, the company has developed an impeccable technique that allows it to capture aerial images of impeccable quality. At the top of its game, the team offers …

  • Mistakes to Avoid when Writing a CV

    Writing your first CV is always a challenge. You want to do well and are often overwhelmed with information. Errors therefore slip easily into this document. It is possible to avoid them! So here are some tips for writing a professional resume. If in doubt and if you have a contact in the company, you can ask in advance what is the company’s preferred CV format (anti-chronological, thematic or European) if it is not already specified in the job offer. Here are the mistakes you have to avoid in your curriculum vitae.

    Choosing an Inappropriate Photo

    Although it is not mandatory, if you decide to put a photo on your CV, you have to choose it properly. Selfies and photos taken at the swimming pool should absolutely be avoided, for example. The ideal photo should be frontal, on a neutral background and should only represent the candidate. Depending on your …