Being A Go Green Enthusiast till Die – 3 EcoFriendly Funeral Ideas

Death is something that will happen in everyone’s life. Until now, there are many ways to send special people we love to their final resting place. Most people in the world still adhere to the tradition of burial and cremation, but after the innovation has emerged from the environmental experts to overcome the environmental impact of the grave. The popular nowadays is the eco-friendly funeral. Here are some ideas about the eco-friendly funeral:

Natural Burials

This method allows the body to be decomposed naturally and does not use crates or toxic chemicals. The body is wrapped in bio-degradable shrouds and only buried three feet deep to make it easy to decompose corpse bodies. With this burial method, you can also choose an environmentally friendly burial site, such as a suburban forest.


According to data from the Natural Death Center, the use of biodegradable crates can reduce carbon emissions by 50% when compared to traditional burials. Eco-coffin is now gaining in popularity and offers a large selection of boxes, including bamboo crates, banana leaves, wickers, cardboard, hyacinth, woven willow. Despite upholding the principle of environmentally friendly, this burial method still pays attention to the artistic side. Crates can be decorated with green grasses and colorful flowers for more beautiful decoration.


Shrouds are wide pieces of cloth used to wrap the body. Usually made from cotton, linen, wool, or even from bamboo fiber. You can choose a plain type of fabric without color or ask for a specific colored and patterned fabric. If you want to save money, you can change your bed linen into simple shrouds. However, one thing that needs your attention. When a person dies, the body will give out certain fluids, so you need to consider using fabrics that can absorb liquids such as cotton or wood fiber as shrouds.

Those are some ideas about eco-friendly funerals that can be a reference for you to consider. You can contact Academy Funeral Services via to consult with you about burial options. Death is indeed a sad thing, but death will be a relief if it can have a positive influence on the environment and nature.