Get Them What They Don’t Expect

When I was growing up, my brothers and sisters and I would have a contest as to who could buy our parents the most out there present. We always tried to find things that they would really like, because it would be a waste of money otherwise or we would buy something just for the shock factor that our siblings would use. I went to look at show plates online for my dad’s car because our mom died this year. I wanted to take something over to him that was going to mean something and give him meaning for the holiday. It was really hard for him when mom died because they were so close and they did everything together. People were talking about the different ways that we could do something as a family for my dad because we have not had all of us together for the holidays in so long.

We are all scattered around the country, and there are eight of us. My dad was not sure which of us kids he wanted to go and live with after mom died since we told him we would all love him to move in with us. I think that he really did not want to move in with any of us because he thought that he would be a problem. I thought that it was going to be really hard for him to go and wake up every day back in the same house that he shared with my mom. Instead of meeting our expectations he did something that I did not think he was going to do for some time, he started to go online and look for a girlfriend about two months after mom died. I am happy that he is putting himself back out there.