Mobile App Developments – The 6 Steps Lifecycle

With all mobile apps available, there is one consistent trend that all must go through during the development stage. For example, if you do not know how to code, the whole process may feel like trying to unveil a black box.

Therefore, if your goal is to build a mobile app for your small or medium-sized business, you must first learn what it takes to execute. Research shows that one in every five SMBs has built their own mobile app, and many have been launched since 2016.

Therefore, what is the lifecycle of a mobile app? Below are the steps to build a relevant mobile app for a business.

1. Market Research, Innovation, And Mobile App Development

The chances are that you already have a few good ideas for a good mobile app. This is the best place to start. However, it is not wise to design or develop the app without doing a bit of research. Research involves a wide range of topics or areas, and you must therefore concentrate on the targeted audience, what the business needs, and even competitors. For you to achieve this efficiently, you have to answer the following questions:

• Who is the targeted audience?
• What is your aim with the mobile app (What do you want it to accomplish)?
• Where does your mobile app fit in your marketing campaign?
• Which platform will you use?
• How do you want potential clients to use your app?
• What are competitors doing? (do they have an app, and what features do they have)?
• Which is the best mobile app framework or development language?
• How will you market or promote the app?
• What is your development timeframe, and when will you launch it?
• What is your overall budget?

2. Creating Mobile App Objectives And Goals

This is a significant step and must be taken with all the seriousness it deserves. It is a step that dictates the planning phase of the app. Now, assuming that you have established the way the app will boost your marketing campaigns, you have to map out how your app will get you there. As such, you have to look at:

• The features that must be included
• The problems the app will solve for your clients
• What is your app’s Core appeal?

Generally, determining an app’s benefits and features is a balancing act dictated by your in-house capabilities and development budget. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that an app should emphasize on customer interaction rather than exclusive services.

3. Consider The Backend Of The Mobile App

You have to consider your app’s backend, which is very important and considered the backbone of a successful mobile app marketing campaign. What do we mean by the team backend? Well, it simply refers to all the services that will influence how the app will perform and interact with the client. As such, think about servers, data diagrams, APIs, push notification services, and data integrations.

4. Developing The App

The steps to actual app development are vast and generally involves many processes and steps. If a business is not using an app development platform or mobile BaaS provider, then the developer has to actually think of servers, genuine storage solution, databases, and APIs, as the app’s backend.

Do not forget to set up a developer account for the app store you plan to use to distribute the app if you do not have one. This step generally takes several days to complete and is often overlooked. It is wise to always read through the app store guideline or term of use to avoid your app being rejected.

5. Test Over And Over Again

Testing is an exciting time for developers and also in the apps developing lifecycle. That is because it simply means that the concept has been completed, and everything has come together nicely. Testing is the only way to eliminate problems or bugs within it. It also allows developers to improve and correct technical issues.

6. The Official Release Date

The official release date should be the climax of your marketing efforts. This is where you have to create some buzz around your app by taking advantage of other means, such as influential bloggers, journalists, and others.

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