Popular Video Games in Denmark

Recreational activities are activities that relieve people from work fatigue. Working out efficiently requires strong mental and body health. Statistics show that people who involve themselves in leisure are more productive and relate conscientiously with other humans. There are many recreational activities such as walking, swimming, reading, playing, dancing and gaming.

Among all of these activities, gaming is the most popular activity played around the whole world. Every game originated or was developed in a particular country and spread to other countries. Denmark is one of the countries that has invested a lot in gaming and has companies and associations to develop and promote games. However, due to technology, video games are the most played games all over the world.

Video games are played by the manipulation of images produced by a computer program on a screen. The user has input devices that enable full control of the game, such as a keyboard, joystick, and motion detectors. Video games are so addictive due to their accessibility, wide range of events, cheap, and can be played by single or multiplayer no matter your location in the world. If you would want to buy a video, you can always use a national review site such as Danskeanmeldelser.dk to find a reputable and affordable company to buy from. You can also try out voidu   Here are some of the popular video games developed in Denmark.

Subway Surfers

Subway surf was developed in Denmark by private companies, which are Kiloo and SYBO games. The game was created in memory of a boy who died while skating down the railway tracks. It involves a police officer and a dog chasing a boy drawing graffiti on the railway site. On the railway, there are obstacles and both the police officer with his dog and the boy must dodge or jump the obstacles. If the boy is hit by the train, the game is over, or if the boy collides with an obstacle, he is captured by the police officer, and the game is over. There are stuff like power-ups, gold coins, life icons, and hoverboards to collect along the railway run. The game has its rewards. The game can be played on numerous platforms such as iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, and windows phone 8.


The hitman video game was developed by IO interactive company in Denmark. It is an assassination video game that players control Agent 47(a genetically modified assassin) for an action-adventure worldwide. The agent can use various weapons to eliminate his targets, such as assault rifles, pistols, explosives, bladed weapons, and garrote wires. The game is completed by eliminating all elusive targets and finishing all the tasks.

A Hat in Time

It is an action game established by Gears for Breakfast and published by Humble Bundles. The game’s setting is in an open world environment, and the player is supposed to pick “ Timepieces” that enable unlocking of levels. The character can also collect other items such as yarn balls that can be converted into new hats. Every hat grants the kid a different ability: bonuses and ‘pons’ aid the hat kid to win challenges. There is an umbrella that helps the kid to battle his enemies.

Freedom fighters

The game is based on historical events. There was a time the soviet union has invaded New york city. The resistance squad fights against the enemy military forces. The gamer controls the leader of freedom fighters to command his recruits on what to do.

Where is My Heart

The game consists of frames of different sizes, and they often shuffle. The player must go collecting hearts and navigating through the frames to higher levels. There are also puzzles and hints, and the player can change into one of the three characters to help solve a certain level. The game was developed by Danish studios Schulenburg software and Die Gute Fabrik.

Darkroom Sex Game

The game was developed during a competition by IT students from Copenhagen University. The game is played on a black screen meaning the players are supposed to use their power of imagination. A voice gives info about the game, and every player is assigned a random vote. The objective is to find a rhythmic motion with other players and accelerate until an orgasm is reached. The game is divided into three stages, from a slower lower stage to a more intense stage.


Hugo is a husband to Hugolina, and they have three children Rit, Rat, and Rut. Scylla, the witch, abducts Hugolina and the kids because she needs to perform magic spells to create a magical beauty treatment. Hugo must go through different traps in the woods to go and rescue his family. The witch tries to stop Hugo with varying spells of magic. The game was developed by Silverrock productions (ITE).


Every game has its purpose; some are for improving mental capacity, some are just for amusement, and others for relaxing. As humans, we get exhausted from time to time, and we need to involve ourselves in more fun activities; as they say, “too much work with no play makes jack a dull boy.”