Social Media Marketing, The Cheat Sheet

Everyone wants to know how to win at social media. Well, we’re going to tell you how. No, we’re not going to go into all the complexities of algorithms and key phrases and linking one account to the other so that Google spots you in a crowd. We’re just going to show you the best ways to get the most out of using social media for your business. No frills, just our handy cheat sheet.

Schedule your posts.

You can set aside some time to schedule posts across individual platforms, or you can delegate the task to services and programmes that can do all of this for you. But being prepared with your social posts at an assigned time can leave the rest of your week free to concentrate on all things business.

Don’t be boring.

It sounds harsh, but just because you’re into the latest flavour of herbal tea doesn’t mean that your audience is. What do your customers want to see on social media? Something engaging and/or entertaining! So, you have to jump into their mindset and give them what they want. If you really must share your joy over the latest peppermint and nettle brew, make sure you do it in an engaging way. We’re not sure how that would go exactly, but perhaps when you share that amazing “tea-sipping-selfie”, you could make sure the mug has a photo of an awesome cat on it? On the other hand, if your business sells tea – your audience won’t be bored by a post about tea. Which brings us onto the next point.

Don’t tray from the point.

It’s a little bit of a paradox to say don’t sell but still sell. But this is an important part of the cheat sheet! You are there to sell, but it doesn’t always have to appear that way. Offering a handy explainer video, some free tips on DIY or a free give-away may look like you’re just being a good Samaritan and offering your audience your time for nothing in return. But actually, all of this is the ‘long sell’. Your explainer video could end with a call to action, your handy DIY tips could inspire someone to buy a new set of tools, and your free give-away is a great promotion for your product or service, especially if you ask the recipient for a review. And would you look at that lovely Segway?

Don’t underestimate the power of a good review or testimonial.

Facebook and LinkedIn in particular are a great way to allow other people to promote your business, simply by encouraging them to review your product or service for all to see. Your former and current colleagues, your friends and even the occasional one-time acquaintance can endorse your skills on LinkedIn and can write testimonials on what you have to offer. So, don’t be shy – encourage people to share their positive experiences about your business. One easy way to get people on board with singing your praises is by offering to do the same for them. And, as we mentioned, offering customers a great promotion or discount in return for a Facebook review never fails.

Finally, Don’t SHOUT to get attention.

Simply put, don’t write everything in caps or use technicoloured memes every five minutes. It will stink of desperation and possibly even give hints that your business isn’t very professional. Have fun, but just keep it at a moderate level. Subtlety is a virtue.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and social media like a boss!