With the internet, it is easier for business people to carry out promotions. Call it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media can be used as a means of promotion. Even by using social media, the promotion process is more effective and the target market is right on target.

For those of you who are in online business, you can take advantage of the Pay-Per-Click campaign to reach the market more efficiently. In addition to the methods above, there are other effective methods for promotional efforts. His name is influencer marketing. What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a group of people who have a large number of followers on their social media and have a direct influence on their followers, such as artists, celebrities, YouTubers, and even musicians.

In essence, those who have some “fans” can be called influencer marketing. They are highly idolized and trusted by their followers so that whatever he wears, he does, he uses can inspire his followers in their daily lives.

For online business activists, Influencer Spotlight can be used as a means of promotion. This promotion method is very effective because nowadays people rarely see advertisements on TV. Instead, they prefer to see ads through their social media, especially the people they follow.

There are many benefits to be gained when we use influencer marketing. Here’s the review for you.

Build Trust

The first benefit of influencer marketing is that you can build consumer trust. Promotional content uploaded by these influencers makes your business appear to have good credibility because of the testimonials made by these influencers, especially for their followers.

In other words, your business can be seen directly by influencer followers so they believe that your business is of excellent quality. Simply put, influencer marketing builds people’s trust in your brand.

Very Fast Feedback

It didn’t take long to wait for feedback after we promoted through influencers. With a lot of followers, it means that the content that we leave will be seen by many people and get a lot of likes and comments.

After getting a lot of attention, the next action you take is just to make improvements to the criticisms raised.

Reach the target audience effectively

By choosing the right influencers and relevant to the product, you can reach a target audience that is not only large but also effective. For example, if you have a food product, you can collaborate with an influencer who often creates food content or food reviews. For example, the very famous ones are Magdalena and Ria SW. Magdalena and Ria SW are very famous for reviewing snacks and food. If your food products are reviewed by them, of course the audience is more interested because the niche is appropriate.


Increase Sales

When an influencer uploads our promotional content, his followers will see and consider that the uploaded content is an attractive option to buy.

For that reason, there’s nothing wrong with trying to collaborate with influencers to bang your sales pitch. How to grow your companies online presence are some of the benefits that we can feel when collaborating with influencers to promote our business. Even so, you have to choose the right influencer in order to boost your sales.

Influencer marketing activities include:

There are various content and ways that influencers can do to promote your brand or product. Here are some of the activities:

  1. Product reviews on social media
  2. Unboxing videos
  3. Product placement in creative content (can be mentioned or not)
  4. Distribute unique coupon codes so that influencer audiences can get benefits when making purchases. For example discounts or cashback.
  5. Collaborating with influencers to create joint products.
  6. Hold a giveaway through the influencer platform