Month: June 2022

  • How to Implement the Right Information Governance Strategy

    Companies have become aware of the heritage represented by their data capital. However, the implementation of a real information governance strategy still raises many questions. Information governance is not a theoretical concept! In practice, its implementation is a prerequisite for enabling the company to enhance its data capital according to its specificities and goals.

    What is an Information Governance Strategy?

    Information governance is about regaining control of your data, and implementing a cross-organizational strategy. The aim is to have and manage clean data in order to gain efficiency. The work involves understanding the nature of the information, putting in place rules, standards and indicators to govern it as well as a dedicated organization with responsibilities. The data governance strategy will differ from one company to another. It must indeed respect the culture of the company, its objectives and the expectations of the businesses.

    The Foundations of an Information Governance Strategy