5 Ways to Accelerate Your Mobile App Development

A lot of organisations have come to realise the importance of mobile apps in fulfilling their customers’ needs. Mobile app development is an extensive process that requires focus and precision. If you are an app developer, at some point, there will be a need to accelerate your app-building process, from coding to launching.

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Read on to know about the 5 ways to speed your mobile app development.

  1. Design minimum viable product (MVP)

For all mobile app development, it is recommended that a minimum viable product is launched first. The MVP is the version of the projected product that has the basic set of features to meet user requirements. It is a way to determine the potential of the app to succeed. It also reduces the wait time before the actual app is released. With the reviews on the MVP, you get to know which features to add or remove. Therefore, launching MVP is necessary and reduces the time and cost of development of the expected product.

  1. Utilize cross-platform development tools

Different mobile devices have different platforms to launch applications. Google Playstore for instance is the platform for Android devices and Apple store for IOS. Business enterprises in an attempt to reach a large audience of customers would want their mobile app to be launched on all possible platforms. The codebase requirements for these devices differ and building different apps for each of them can be time-consuming. How do we go about this? By utilizing cross-platform development tools. These tools allow developers to create a single app for multiple mobile platforms. It allows the same codebase to be used in all platforms, hence saving money and time.

  1. Go for automated testing

While developing the mobile app, many steps need to be tested before moving on. Doing this manually can be tedious and inefficient. It is therefore recommended that the test is carried out automatically. This saves time for the development team. Besides, manual testing is likely to yield erroneous results. Automated testing ensures app security and significantly accelerates the development process.

  1. Use suitable wireframes

A wireframe is a design draught. It gives you an overview of the project while describing accurately the details of the user interface. So, to boost up the speed of the app development process, you need to develop a wireframe. It also enables you to know the type of mobile app you are building as it serves as a blueprint for the development course.

  1. Make use of coding shortcuts

Just as Microsoft has its keyboard shortcuts, coding does. Being able to edit code alone is not enough; you need to be an expert at it. You need to be able to develop apps proficiently in the shortest time possible. There are essential code shortcuts for different commands to accelerate your coding workflow. If it doesn’t come by default on your software, you can install it.

Early launching of mobile apps helps the enterprise in many positive ways, and this is achieved by accelerating the development of the app.