How Digital Signage Technology Works

Digital signage functions the same as poster boards. What makes it different is the technology uses a CMS application (content management system), which is a kind of app to control the content run by a hardware/device/player.

On CMS-based digital signage devices, all content is controlled by an admin/several admins. The admin can manage and access multiple screens from a computer or laptop that connects to the internet.

In order to run this system several devices are needed, namely:


The screen functions to display content. You can use the LCD or LED screen.


A player is a device that will run the content. This player will also capture data uploaded from the admin content and will process and display it on the LCD or LED screen.

Digital Signage CMS is a content management application/software. Through this application, all content can be integrated and distributed to all players. Also, from this application, all content can be set according to the schedule and layout desired.

Here are some of the benefits of Digital Signage for Your Store

The Best Marketing Investment

Although bringing this technology present in your shop requires a rather expensive cost, but the benefits brought by this technology are much more significant. Just imagine, you can save expenses in printing media. That’s a big deal.

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Time efficiency

No more wasted time on content distribution, no more time wasted waiting for printouts. All you need is sitting in front of the computer and publish all the content to the screens. Not only does it save costs, but it also keeps your work time.

Now you know about the importance of digital signage technology for developing your business. Have you considered applying this technology to your company?