How To Have Productive One-On-One Meetings with Employees


For most people one-on-one meetings are very exhausting and we don’t blame them for that. It does get overwhelming when you have a couple of meetings lined up in a day. But it is important for the people to understand that the participants of the meeting have the power to create healthy discussions and turn their boring meetings into engaging conversations.Here are a few tips on how to have a productive one-on-one meeting with your employees.


1. Be prepared beforehand

It is very common, in one on one meetings, for people to lose track of what they actually wanted to say. So, it is always better to prepare your agenda before the meeting. You need to jot down the points of discussion to ensure that the conversation revolves around those specific topics only. Keep your employees in loop as well. Ask them the points they would want to discuss. In this way, everybody will be looking forward to discussing their point of view in the meeting.

2. Keep a positive attitude

While one-on-one meetings with your manager have the potential to be daunting and intimidating, beginning your meetings with positivity can really clear the air. Always start your meetings with some positive news. It could be as little as appreciating someone’s punctuality or it can be as great as sharing the profits of your organization. This really sets the tone for the meeting and employees feel motivated to show their best. Sharing your wins as a team, and acknowledging each other’s contribution towards success is what makes one-on-one meetings successful

3. Listen Actively

The sole purpose of one-on-one meetings is to understand each other’s perspective and reach a common ground to solve a problem. Since one-on-one meetings are casual and informal, we unknowingly tend to focus more on sharing our opinions rather than listening to the perspective of others. This can create confusions and misunderstandings. Therefore, it is very important that you listen actively. Listening actively involves nodding and responding accordingly. When a manager listens actively, the employees feel important and respected, which eventually results in building strong team relationships.

4. Share personal experiences

One of the most effective ways of making your one-on-one meetings engaging is sharing anecdotes with each other. It gets boring when you are discussing facts and figures only. Sharing personal experiences with your employees builds a unique connection with them. It allows people to understand each other’s point of view clearly and keeps the conversation fun and captivating

5. Show gratitude

End your one-on-one meeting on a good note. Express gratitude for your employee’s contribution. Even if you think the discussion did not lead to any fruitful conclusion, you can still end the meeting by acknowledging and appreciating their efforts. Appreciation has the potential to motivate people beyond imagination. A few positive sentences at the end of the meeting can leave your employees encouraged and motivated. .


You often have candid conversations during one on one meetings that allow you to understand each other better. This creates a unique bond with your team and helps in creating strong teams that can take on challenges together. Therefore, acknowledging the importance of effective one-on-one meetings is essential and pivotal to your brand’s success.