Three Digital Marketing Trends to Bring You Closer to the Market

In order to thrive in your business, you need to touch base with your customers and most of them are now found online.

The advent of technology gave rise to digital marketing, which any SEO consultant Sydney would readily agree.

According to a recent study, they reviewed and observed consumer behavior has changed and will lean toward digital marketing in the near future. This is based on the results of a survey that indicated more than a quarter of the US adult population is constantly online.

In order to get the attention it aims to achieve, digital marketing strategies that are in place need to effectively connect and appeal to the market.

An SEO specialist Sydney would agree that having the right set of strategies to maximize digital marketing efforts to achieve its goals, it is important to ensure to adapt to the changing market trends and behavior.

Here’s how to spot the marketing trends that can help you maximize your digital marketing targets and give you the expected results.

Enhance your content

Consumers love videos, visuals, and voice content. This was confirmed by a recent survey which indicated that Americans spend an average of 6.4 hours each day using digital media in 2018. It represented an increase of 7% for the same period back in 2017.

By using these enhanced content tactics to level up your digital marketing game and an SEO consultant Sydney can vouch for that.

When utilizing images for visual tools take time to ensure that your images accurately represent your brand image. Use fonts, graphics, and logos that reflect your brand and it needs to be consistent all the time.

Also, take advantage of social media to use those visual tools to reach out to your audience.

Videos must also be similarly represented in high-quality and ensure that the plots are easily comprehensible and understandable.

Voice-based technology is also highly evolving and is not currently commonly being used by many businesses, which is why the need to start pioneering this resource in the market can be sure to benefit from it in the long-term.

Customer data

Data sourcing or “plumbing” has been in use by many digital marketers and is strongly recommended by any SEO consultant Sydney to help identify their marketing targets. Customer data is really important, especially for those wanting to get ahead of their competition because it gives you the intelligence needed to focus on digital marketing processes that work.

Being informed about how your performance is doing is crucial to understanding how you could better device, design, and create strategies that have been found effective and generate the needed results.

Programmatic advertising

The trend in programmatic ads is currently growing and based on recent reports, programmatic ads now make up 62% of all digital display that influences buying decisions.

It is estimated that the industry is growing very rapidly and where digital spending reaches $146 billion by 2023.

Make sure to understand these digital marketing trends to get you closer to your market.